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Community based research 

  • Coalition-building

  • Research Design

  • Implementation

  • Evaluation

  • Outreach & stakeholder engagement

  • Community-based participatory systems modeling (community-based systems dyamics)

Ethical Analysis

  • Budgets

  • Historical & Human rights analysis

  • Research design at the confluence of historical, racial, environmental and health justices

  • Protocols for conduct

  • Recommendations

Public Health Communications 

  • Integrated Model of Communication for Social Change

  • Identifying target population/audience

  • Campaign design, execution and evaluation.

  • Culturally-responsive narrative building.

Conflict Transformation Mediation

  • Capacity building for prevention and de-escalation.

  • Development of culturally-responsive and health-driven methods for conflict transformation.

  • Facilitation of community accountability processes.

  • Facilitation of testimony. 

Curriculum Development

  • Consent

  • Demobilization, Disarmament & Reintegration

  • Harm Reduction

  • Historical Memory

  • Political History 

  • Violence Prevention

Spiritual Care 

  • Practicing herbalist, in ongoing training 

  • Somatic Therapy Certificate-forthcoming 

  • Death Doula in training

  • Peer Counselor 

  • Consent Educator

Policy Advocacy Strategies

  • Demobilize, disarm, demilitarize, reintegrate

  • Survivor-centered advocacy

  • Healing-centered advocacy 

  • Community-driven

  • Historical-analysis driven

  • Transitional Justice  & Reparations-driven

  • Just-Transition-driven

Event Production

  • Creating pluri-cultural contexts for connection, transitional justice and repair. 

  • Producing festivals that center somatic and collective intergeneration healing.

  • Producing ceremonial spaces for observing annual equinoxes and solstices.  

  • Producing spaces for the performance of ritual healing arts.  

Over 10 years of experience in healing-centered education and communications strategies to prevent interpersonal, intergenerational, intergroup, and structural violence. 

Every workshop that I've ever attended by Paula has been engaging, clear, and very educational. I've attended workshops led by Paula where the audiences ranged from people who had never been exposed to anti-oppression thought/work to people who regularly discuss and analyze anti-oppression work. Paula was able to engage everyone with thought-provoking content, making the information accessible for the newbies and still informative and worthwhile for those with more experience. I saw how members of the housing cooperatives left those workshops more motivated to take action. For example, house members were able to think more critically about race after going to workshops led by Paula. Throughout my time in the student housing cooperatives, I eventually rose to leadership positions and began to lead consent and anti-oppression workshops myself. Paula gave me tips on how to lead workshops, and I also took some of what I observed from attending workshops that she'd led. Her experience was incredibly helpful to me even in my own work and I truly believe that my workshops were effective in large part to Paula.

-Aditi Pradhan, former Berkeley Student Cooperative resident

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